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You’ll always find something new at Country Maid

Country Maid has always been known for imaginative savory salads, side dishes, dips and desserts. But you don’t reach new heights by leaving well enough alone. Chef Tom Sterle has headed up our test kitchen since November, 2007, and he has one rule: There are no rules.

“I came to Country Maid,” Tom says, “so I could touch more people with more flavors. With all the regional tastes and preferences, it’s a challenge to develop dishes that people will love, wherever they live. It’s all about thinking outside the box. Always experimenting. Coming up with unexpected combinations of ingredients, textures and flavor profiles. Creating new taste experiences that keep people guessing – that’s what makes food fresh and exciting.”

And that’s what you’ll find in every Country Maid creation. Chef Tom’s added his touch to many of our long-time favorites, and is continually cooking up new additions to the Country Maid menu.


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